Milkweed Butterflies

The Milkweed Butterflies (Danainae) are large and beautifully colored tropical butterflies and belong to the family of the Brush-footed Butterflies (Nymphalidae). The name of this subfamily refers to the host plant, mainly in the milkweed family. Since the monarch cannot tolerate temperate zone winters, it will only be found in (sub)-tropical areas. In Southern-Europe there are only two types. The top of these butterflies is orange with a black trailing edge and numerous white spots. In the tropical area, there are more variants even with transparent wings.


Tribe: Ithomiini
Subtribe: Dircennina
Genus: Episcada

Salvin’s Clearwing – 2017 (CO)

The Salvin’s Clearwing (Episcada salvinia) is a butterfly not found in Europe. I spotted this butterfly in Medellin (Colombia). Both the fore- and hindwings are transparent with the black veins clearly visible. The edges of the wings are orange-brown with white spots on the tips. On the forewing, a short orange and a white band can be seen halfway from the costa. The grey-brown abdomen starts just behind the forebody, which is black and white striped, very thin, and thickens further back. There is a small orange spot on the back of the head. Host plant: tomato plant species. Dutch name: Glasvleugelvlinder. Frisian name: