A fairly unknown subfamily of the owlet moths (Noctuidae) is the moths belonging to the Metoponiinae. Less than 100 species have probably been identified worldwide. Therefore, little has been described for this subfamily. All I can find is that until recently this subfamily, together with the Stiriinae, formed one subfamily.

Small Yellow Underwing – 2020 (NL)

A very small, day-active and easily recognizable owlet moth is the Small Yellow Underwing (Panemaria tenebrata). The forewing has all brown tones with grey-blue pollination. Often a dark brown transverse band can be seen halfway up and along the back edge. The hindwing, like the other yellow underwings, is orange-yellow with a broad black seam along the trailing edge of the wing. The flight period is from April to July in one generation and the wingspan is 16-20mm. Host plant: Common Mouse-ear en Field Mouse-ear. Dutch name: Dwerghuismoeder. Frisian name: –