Gossamer-wing Butterflies

The Gossamer-wing butterflies (Lycaenidae) is a family of butterflies that includes the Hairstreaks (Theclinae), Coppers (Lycaeninae), and Blues (Polyommatinae). It is the second-largest family after the Brush-footed butterflies (Nymphalidae) with about 6,000 species worldwide. They are small to medium-sized butterflies with a wingspan of 15-80mm. The adult butterflies often have filamentous antennae that are ringed alternately black and white. Males are the most colorful with all colors from the rainbow. Females are dull colored. The different species can often only be recognized by the spot pattern on the underside of the wings. A photo of the top and underside is usually necessary for proper identification. All legs are well developed in both male and female, although the front legs of the male are less well developed and smaller than in the female. All legs have a pair of claws, except for the front legs of the male which has a single claw.

Holly Blue - 2020 Common Blue- 2019

Small Copper - 2020 Purple Hairstreak - 2017