Leafcutter Moths

The Leafcutter Moths (Incurvariidae) are a fairly small family with only a few species. In the resting position, the wings are kept in roof shape. The forewings are about 3 – 8 mm long, relatively wide, dark and at least a few off-white spots. In some species, these are almost transverse stripes. The head has rough hair that makes it look like a feather on it. All species are active during the day.


Genus: Incurvaria

Feathered Diamond-black – 2019 (NL)
(NCBI-index: 101737)

A particularly pleasant surprise in a new family of moths for me in 2019 is the Feathered Diamond-black (Incurvaria masculella). This moth with a dark brown, sometimes purplish, forewing is noticeable when it sits on a bright green stem or leaf. On the forewing are two off-white spots in the shape of a triangle. The head is yellowish or sometimes reddish-brown. The flying period is from April to May in one generation and the wingspan is 14-16mm. Host plant: Hawthorn. Dutch name: Gewone witvlekmot. Frisian name:

Flying period: