The Heliothinae is a rather small subfamily of the owlet moths (Noctuidae) with approximately 400 recorded species.

Bordered Sallow – 2018 (NL)

A well-recognized day and night active moth is the Bordered Sallow (Pyrrhia umbra). The basic colour of this butterfly is orange or orange-yellow. The hem field, the wide outer field along the trailing edge, and the fringe are pinkish brown. This darker field is separated from the rest of the wing by a dark brown thin transverse line. In addition to this transverse line, a number of dark transverse lines are present, with the transverse line visible between the eye and kidney mark being noticeably serrated. The eye and kidney marks are the same colour as the wing and are reddishly outlined. The rear wing is yellowish with a broad black band in the hem field and a large dark crescent-shaped spot. The flight time is in one generation from May to September and the wingspan is 32-38mm. Host plant: Common and Spiny Restharrow. Dutch name: Oranje o-vlinder. Frisian name: –