Owlet Moths

The Owlet Moths (Noctuidae) are mostly dull-coloured butterflies that are active at night. Most species have grey colours, but there are also species whose rear wings are brightly coloured. The front wings often have two owl marks, the eye marks and kidney marks. The wingspan is usually a maximum of 50 mm. The owls family is the largest family within the Dutch macro butterflies. The spotted owls belong to the subfamilies Acronictinae, Amphipyrinae, Bryophilinae, Cuculliinae, Eustrotiinae, Heliothinae, MetoponiinaeNoctuinae and the Plusiinae.

The Sycamore - 2017 Marbled Beauty - 2020

The Shark - 2019 Pretty Marbled - 2020

Bordered Sallow - 2018 Gold Spot - 2019