Stathmopodid Moths

A small family of moths are the Stathmopodid Moths (Stahmopodidae). The adult moths rest in a characteristic position, horizontal but standing on the front and middle legs and the hindlegs almost perpendicular to the body. The wings are held rolled up against the abdomen. The forewings are elongated and tapering towards the apex. The hindwings are narrow and pointed. The antennas are threadlike and about three-quarters in length from the wings. The Stathmopodid Moths were previously considered a sub-family of the Concealer Moths (Oecophoridae).


Genus: Stathmopoda

Alder Signal – 2019 (NL)
(NCBI-index: 753230)

In the summer after work, I often go for a walk in a nature reserve. Nice and quiet, windless, and then you sometimes come across new striking species. Such a striking appearance is the Alder Signal (Stathmopoda pedella). The hind legs are yellow with dark brown streaks. The forewing is yellowish, gray-brown at the base. On 1/3 and 2/3 is a dark brown cross band. The flying period is from the end of June to August and the wingspan is 10-14mm. Host plant: Alder. Dutch name: Pootmot. Frisian name:

Flying period: