Grass Moths

Grass Moths (Crambidae) are a family of night moths. They belong to the micro-moths, but sometimes that seems debatable. Some species are so large that you would expect them to belong to the macro moths.

Their appearance is highly variable, adopting a narrow, tightly folded stance on grass stems, making them almost inconspicuous. The main difference from Snout Moths (Pyralidae) is the structure in the ears. Here, two membranes are joined together, which is missing in the Snout Moths. The smaller Grass Moths are often difficult to photograph if you don’t have the right lens. In addition, they fly up quite quickly or hide well in the grass. Not all photos are equally sharp, but as soon as a better photo is taken, an update will follow.

The spots that I have done so far belong to the subfamilies Acentropinae, Crambinae, Evergestinae, Pyraustinae, Schoenobiinae, Scopariinae, and Spilomelinae.

Brown China-mark - 2020 Satin Grass-veneer - 2019

Purple-backed Cabbageworm Moth - 2022 Small Magpie - 2024

Giant Water-veneer - 2020 Common Grey - 2020

Mother of Pearl - 2023