Geometer Moths

The Geometer Moths (Geometridae) are the second-largest butterfly family with over 23,000 described species. This group of moths is generally delicate, small butterflies with a slender body, broad rounded wings, and the males often have feathery antennae. The moths I have spotted so far belong to five sub-families. These are Alsophiline Moths (Alsophilinae), Ennomines (Ennominae), Geometrines (Geometrinae), Larentiines (Larentiinae) and Sterrhines (Sterrhinae). The name ‘geometer’ is due to the way the caterpillars walk, which are also called locators. The wingspan ranges from 10-50mm and the majority fly at night. In many cases, the group of Geometer Moths is very difficult to identify for non-experts, including myself. I often used experts to find the right name.

Swallow-tailed Moth - 2021 Little Emerald - 2020

Argent and Sable - 2019 Blood-vein - 2008