Cuculliinae is one of the larger subfamilies of the Owlet Moths (Noctuidae).


Genus: Cucullia

The Shark – 2019 (NL)
(NCBI-index: 753168)

The first owlet moth in the subfamily Cuculliinae is the Shark (Cucullia umbratica). When resting, this owlet moth is similar to the Chamomile Shark (Cucullia chamomillae), but is generally larger and greyer. The forewing has a pattern of light stripes and fine blackish stripes. Characteristic is the faint light brown smudge that runs through the often barely visible oval and kidney mark. The hindwing is white with brown veins. The flight period is from May to mid-October in two generations and the wingspan is 44-52mm. Host plant: Hawkweeds, sow-thistles, wild lettuces, and hawk’s-beards. Dutch name: Grauwe monnik. Frisian name: Skierûltsje.

Flying period: