Choreuitid Moths

The Choreuitid Moths (Choreutidae) are a small family of moths. The diurnal moths are narrow moths with broad wings. The wings are usually black or brown with a metallic gray, white, or silvery-blue marking.


Subfamily: Choreutinae
Genus: Anthophila

Common Nettle-tap – 2017 (NL)
(NCBI-index: 999308)

The Common Nettle-tap (Anthophila fabiciana) has wings with a mosaic of brown and gray and sometimes with metallic scales. When resting, this butterfly sometimes looks like a V. This micro moth flies during the day and can be seen in one generation from April to September, often in places where there are many nettles. The wingspan is 10-15mm. Host plant: nettle and hops. Dutch name: Gewone brandnetelmot. Frisian name:

Flying period: