Tischeriid Moths

The Tischeriid Moths (Tischeriidae) are just a small family. The adult moths stand high on their front legs in a resting position and have their wings in the roof shape. The forewings are 3 – 5.5 mm long and are uniformly colored or with a partly dark border. The hindwings are narrower than the forewings with long hairs on the dorsum. The head has upright scales that point forward and the antennae are filamentous.


Genus: Tischeria

Oak Carl – 2019 (NL)
(NCBI-index: 683971)

In 2019 I discovered the first species of a new family, the Oak Carl (Tischeria ekebladella). It is the most common species of the Tischeria genus occurring in the Netherlands. The head and antennas are yellow and the forewing is pale brownish-yellow. The costa and the apex are slightly darker speckled. The hindwing is grey. The flying period is from April to September in one or two generations and the wingspan is 8-11mm. Host plant: Oak and Sweet Chestnut. Dutch name: Gewone eikenvlekmot. Frisian name:

Flying period: