Why is a specific species a micro butterfly and not a macro butterfly? It is more of a practice that has been developed over the years without being specifically laid down in any rules of taxonomy. Families consisting mainly of small species fall under the micro butterflies. In most cases, these are species where the fore wing length is less than 10mm. Furthermore, micro butterflies are generally considered to be more primitive and are therefore placed at the beginning of the order of the Lepidoptera. Questionable families are the snout moths (Pyralidae) and the grass moths (Crambidae), whose species are often as large as many geometer moths (Geometridae).

For macro moths, the flight period is an important parameter to determine the species. For micro-moths, this can also be useful for identifying a species, although common species can be found all year round. You will often find micro-moths in moth traps or on a white sheet, but you will find many species during the day in the garden, tree- and shrub-rich areas, and grasslands. During the day they are disturbed to settle down somewhere else after a short flight. Identification can be made easier by examining plants/leaves for the presence of the larvae.

Autostichid MothsScarce Obscure - 2021Choreuitid MothsCommon Nettle-tap - 2019Clothes MothsLarge Clothes Moth - 2021
Concealer MothsStriped Tubic - 2020Cosmet MothsBulrush Cosmet - 2020Diamondback MothsDiamondback Moth - 2021
Ermine MothsOrchard Ermine - 2020Fairy MothsYellow-barred Long-horn - 2017Flat-bodiesBrindled Flat-body - 2021
Grass Miner MothsComfrey Ermel - 2021Grass MothsSmall Magpie - 2021Leaf Blotch Miner MothsYellow-triangle Slender - 2021
Leafcutter MothsFeathered Diamond-black - 2019LeafrollersArched Mable - 2021Many-plume MothsTwenty-plume Moth - 2018
Peleopodid MothsLong-horned Flat-body - 2020Plume MothsWhite Plume Moth - 2020Shiny-head Standing MothsGold-ribbon Argent - 2019
Snout MothsDark Pine Knot-horn - 2021Stathmopodid MothsAlder Signal - 2019Tischeriid MothsOak Carl - 2019
Twirler MothsJuniper Webber - 2021Ypsolophid MothsHoneysuckle Moth - 2018