The Ococnemidinae are a subfamily of the Owlet Moths (Noctuidae). Unlike most members of the family, the species within this subfamily mainly fly during the day. They are small, dark-colored macro moths, but the tops of the wings are generally white with black colored stripes.


Genus: Calophalia

Toadflax Brocade – 2021 (NL)
(NCBI-index: 214073)

The Toadflax Brocade (Calophasia lunula) has an upright, hairy neck collar. Most striking are the white owl spots on the fairly broad grey-brown forewing. The small oval mark is in the dark marking in the center of the wing and the kidney mark is visible as a crescent-shaped spot in the broad light outer transverse line. Also striking is the white dart mark halfway through the inner transverse line. There are thick black stripes in the marginal area and the fringes are checkered. The flight period is in two generations from May to the end of August and the wingspan is 26-32mm. Host plant: Toadflax. Dutch name: Vlasbekuiltje. Frisian name: –

Flying period: